Introducing SABR

SABR is the result of months of developing and coding a revolutionary case management tool.  Designed to be a win-win, SABR provides an intuitive interface for users while at the same time adopting technology to its fullest.  Investigators will find the SABR mobile app an invaluable tool that keeps them notified of assigned and existing leads.  MSM will see a return in the delivery quality, timely cases.  Looking forward to the many benefits of the system, MSM is proud to present SABR.

Refer to the sections below for more information.


Reference Material
Additional online material can be found using the links below.  Please refer to the documentation and contact for any SABR support needs.

Installing the Mobile App
Be sure to install the SABR Mobile app to receive immediate notification regarding leads.  Information on how to find and install the app can be found by clicking Installing the SABR mobile app

Using the Mobile App
After installing the app, click Using the SABR mobile app
 to quickly learn how to login and go mobile with SABR.

Accessing SABR using the CI Portal
You can access SABR on your computer by logging into the CI portal and entering your SABR credentials.  You’ll want to log into SABR using the portal in order to view full lead details as well as enter your reports.  Detailed instructions can be found by clicking Accessing SABR on your computer.

SABR User Guide
SABR is a very intuitive system which users should find easy to navigate and use.  Those looking to learn more about SABR should refer to the SABR User Guide and Training Materials for detailed information on how to complete and submit specific lead types.

Frequently Asked Questions
SABR FAQs can be found by clicking SABR FAQs.