Leadership Team at MSM Security

Douglas Ingros

Kim Tanczos
Vice-President – Support

Johnnie St. Clair
VP of Background Investigations

Johnnie St. Clair has fifty (50) years’ experience in a Security, Investigations and Intelligence career. Specifically, Mr. St. Clair rose to the level of Inspector General, and Regional Director of the US Department of Defense Security Service (DSS) prior to his retirement. He also held Director and Deputy Director positions at the DSS Personnel Investigations Center, which was responsible for conducting personnel security investigations for all Department of Defense employees and applicants. Mr. St Clair holds a BA degree in Technology and Management from the University of Maryland and a Certificate for The Executive Program for Senior Officials in National Security from Harvard University

Mr. St. Clair currently serves as the VP of Background Investigations for MSM

Carole White
Director of Security/Senior Security Manager

I am native of Washington, DC I have worked as a Security Professional for over 28 years supporting various DOD contracts. I am currently the Director of Security/Senior Security Manager for MSM Security Services for over 14 years.

I managed and ensured that the DOD programs are in compliance with the federal and corporate regulations which include all faucets of the Industrial Security Program, such as personnel, information, industrial and physical security.

I am actively involved in various security professional organizations such as the Chesapeake Bay and Prince Georges Industrial Security Awareness Council (ISAC). Being a member in these organizations allows me to engage with other security professionals and enhance the role and responsibility of the overall security posture of MSM Security Services.