MSM conducts Background Investigations in support of US Government Agencies to determine if applicants or employees meet the suitability or fitness requirements for:

  • Employment as a Federal employee or contractor;
  • Military service;
  • Eligibility for access to Federal facilities, automated systems, or classified information; and/or
  • Eligibility for issuance of a credential.

All persons must be properly investigated and favorably adjudicated to hold a position as a Federal employee, consultant, volunteer, contractor personnel or military personnel.



MSM Security provides personnel security and adjudication services in support of both the Federal Government, State Agencies and commercial clients for fitness determinations.  MSM Security provides all areas of personnel security Adjudication to include the following:  Case Reviews, Security approvals, Security denials, including legal justification statements, and Threat Assessments.  Additionally MSM Security provides Adjudication Administrative Security Support including the following:  Data Management / Documentation control, Administrative Security Support, SF86 Reviews for adjudication, Security approvals/denials, Security Training, Site Assessments and help desk support.



MSM employment verification process utilizes our national network of trained and credentialled investigators to respond to your inquiry as a prospective employer, a government agency, or an outside entity, such as a lending institution, that the current or former employee is or was employed by an organization that they have referenced. In most cases, the requesting organization wants to verify: dates of employment, salary information, and whether the individual is still employed by the stated organization. In the case of employment verification requests by prospective employers, information about the employee’s performance and potential rehire are often requested. It is also not unusual for the employment verification to request the employee’s specific history of job responsibilities, title, and salary history, in addition to the current / most recent employment information.



What is SABR?

What is SABR?SABR (pronounced sā-bər) is the new case management tool built by MSM to streamline the background investigation process while improving report quality.  Launched in December 2018, SABR will help MSM to perform quality background investigations while providing management with deep insight into each case. SABR is the culmination of a year long investment MSM has made in producing a modern Case Management tool that is specifically tailored for investigators with real time lead tracking capabilities and custom designed client interfaces with case closure and efficiencies in mind.Each phase of the case management process will see improvements and cases requiring immediate attention will now be instantly highlighted allowing staff to focus on and mitigate potential issues.  Using a mobile app, SABR will notify investigators immediately of any new lead requirements while assisting with workload management.